Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Appointments This Week

Audrey had a check up with the pediatrician on Monday to make sure her weight is ok after the tube has been out. I could tell the doctor wasn't very happy with our decision to leave the tube out but there's no way Audrey would have made this much progress if we had kept it in! We've been weighing her daily at home, and according to our scale she has lost about a half a pound (current weight at 21 lbs 7 oz) since the tube came out but according to their scale she has only lost 2 ounces (21 lbs 11 oz). The current plan is to let her be unless her weight drops below the 30th percentile (which is the percentile she was on while thriving as a younger baby) and then we will need to revisit specialists and other possible health issues. So we are aiming for her not to drop below about 21 pounds, and then of course she will need to start gaining eventually.

We are trying to increase her calories and fat as much as possible and offering calorie dense foods every few hours. Some days she eats a lot and some days she doesn't want much, which is typical toddler behavior. And she's still nursing on demand which helps a lot! I'm trying to wean off domperidone too. So now it's just a wait and see game.

Today she had an ultrasound and appointment with the urologist to see how her system is functioning after surgery. Everything looks great! She doesn't have much reflux now so we can stop the antibiotic! I'm really hoping she will start eating better after her gut flora starts to get back to normal. She really hated the ultrasound and screamed the whole time. :( I think she has too many bad memories of everything that's happened. But at least it was just an ultrasound this time, no catheter. We will have a follow up ultrasound and appointment in six months.

I also asked the urologist about her recommendations for screening siblings for kidney reflux. She tends to be a "wait and see" kind of doctor which I really appreciate. She said it's basically our call as to whether we would like to do a VCUG just to see or we can wait until baby gets a UTI. I'm pretty sure we'll wait and see if baby gets a UTI or has growth problems before we do a VCUG. Note: I am not planning on getting pregnant any time soon, this is just me planning way, way ahead :)

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