Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Day in The Life of The Infamous Pink Cup

Audrey has always gone through phases of being obsessed with certain small objects. When she was 9 months old it was a packet of buttons (she couldn't open it). When she was 12 months old it was a stuffed bear. 2 months ago it was my collapsible measuring cups. And there have been others that I can't remember now. Usually she latches onto the object and carries it everywhere for a few days before losing interest. But this time she has decided to hold onto her object for a bit longer. This pink cup has been everywhere with us the last few weeks. And I mean EVERYWHERE. To give you an idea of what this looks like, here's an example of "in the day of the life of Audrey's cup" (taken over several days, but you get the idea):

8am: Morning nursies, interrupted by the camera phone

8:30 am: Looking at Daddy's Valentine's Day gift (52 Reasons I Love You) while waiting for breakfast

9:20 am: Playing with the IKEA train

10 am: Walmart run (note: my ring sling is not being worn optimally; the rings should be much higher up towards my shoulder)

11 am: Fun with friends at an API playgroup

12 pm: Washing hands before lunch

12:10 pm: Daydreaming about chocolate instead of this awful yogurt and sandwich

12:30 pm Coloring with a pencil at my special table

1 pm: Nursing before nap while making Mommy bite the cup

3 pm: Directing Mommy how to dress up the potato head

3:30 pm: Fingerpainting

3:36: Handpainting?

4 pm: Afternoon meltdown because Mommy won't let me bang on the computer keyboard

4:01 pm: Mad at Mommy for taking pictures

4:30 pm: Relaxing on the toy-strewn floor

5 pm: Staring suspiciously at dinner

5:03 pm: Thinking about trying a bite of this "cheesy spaghetti" stuff

5:04 pm: Mmmm!!! I guess it's ok...

6:30 pm: Horsie ride on Mommy's back

7 pm: Bath with Mommy. Pink cup in the right hand, bath toy in the left

7:04 pm: Scooping and pouring water 500 times in a row

8 pm: My favorite way to fall asleep! In the toddler tula carrier

8:30 pm: Passed out in bed. Goodnight!