Saturday, March 15, 2014


We had dinner with the grandparents tonight at Buca's, and as you can see by the picture Audrey really enjoyed it! She sat on grandma's lap the whole time and tried salad, onions, bread, and cheese ravioli! She decided to smash it all over her face as well with a random bout of peek-a-boo :)

One huge benefit of having a ICU pediatric nurse for a mother-in-law is that she can change Audrey's NG tube! The other times we had it replaced Audrey had pulled it out at super inconvenient times and so we went to the Amplatz ER where they must not be used to placing feeding tubes all that often. In addition to the annoying and time consuming paperwork and protocols, they were always very slow while putting the new tube in. This meant Audrey was being held down for a long time (for her, 10 minutes) and she absolutely detests being restrained while having her face messed with. So she would get all worked up, screaming and sweating, and then the nurses couldn't figure out why the tape wouldn't stick to her face. But not this time! Grandma had that bad boy inserted in less than a minute, I quickly taped it down, and we were all done! Plus this way we didn't have any pressure to check the placement with an x-ray (Grandma listened with her stethoscope and was able to draw stomach contents up with a syringe). I'm all for less radiation as she's already had at least 10 x-rays/ultrasounds in the last few months.

After Grandma changed her tube, we went out for dinner and it was marvelous to see her so interested in food! She had been making some progress before the surgery but it's taken her awhile to recover since then and have more than just a momentary attempt at eating. Tonight she interacted for over a half hour!

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