Friday, February 28, 2014

A Beautiful Birth

So besides being Audrey's mom I'm also a huge natural birth fanatic! I actually enjoy researching all about natural birth, especially physiological home birth. (See here for some basics on what I believe about birth: I deeply wanted to make this passion into more than just an interesting subject I like to read about so last September my husband, Audrey, and I drove across a few states to the Bradley Method of Natural Childbirth teacher training workshop. We took Bradley classes in preparation for her home birth and they really made a difference! So now I'm teaching my first series of classes to other expectant couples. I offered to play the part of doula (a labor helper) for my students and one couple took me up on that offer. I want to respect their right to privacy, so I'll just say that they had a fantastic natural birth in the hospital with minimal complications. The best part of that experience for me was not the actual birth but how the woman looked when I got to their home. It's hard to really describe the atmosphere of a laboring woman. To say that the air was heavy and hot and she was flushed and sweaty from the hard work doesn't do the reality of the scene justice. But it was so moving and humbling to be invited into her labor space and she was incredibly beautiful. Birth can be a sacred spiritual event, as well as a physical one, if you let it.

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