Thursday, April 16, 2015

Kidney Ultrasound Scan

Audrey recently had another ultrasound scan to check her kidney function and everything is looking great! This was also the first time she didn't scream and cry throughout the ultrasound, which was such a nice change! She was a little scared at first but then relaxed and watched the big screen showing the scan.

Her kidneys haven't grown since that last scan 6 months ago, but the urologist said that was fine because they are in proportion with her size. Since everything looks good we will wait a year for the next ultrasound and after that whether we do a yearly scan depends on if we can trust her to communicate if something isn't right or hurts. So we will see where she is on verbal communication next year.

We were also really excited to see that she had gained almost two pounds and has gone up from the 22nd percentile to the 27th percentile!

And that's about it :) We're still going to speech therapy twice a week and she's making good progress there. I'm also planning on requesting all the records and notes from her two hospital stays because I want to have a record just in case. And I'm also curious as to what they wrote about us!

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